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Alleviate Your Stress!

November 30th, 2011


Invest in yourself, slow down and take a moment to appreciate.

Most of us just want to leave our work-related stressors at the office at the end of the day. And you should! With a few simple strategies, why not shift away from power lunches, add more relaxation during your day and have energy to spare.

Stress is certainly at the root of many of our health issues, and although it is a natural part of living, defined and lived differently by most, we can manage it. Bringing awareness to this fact is the first step to help your body and mind acquire the right fuel to address stress.

Why natural nutrition to alleviate stress?

Natural nutrition is about nourishing the whole you to maintain more balance in your life. One of the largest stressors is not feeling in control, but how you move, what you eat and how you cope are all within your control. Just unleash those powers within and help yourself lessen the stress!

Time for you to move and feel the energy

Time is an important nutrient that many of us crave, so double the time you take for eating your lunch. Instead of taking ten minutes at your desk, make an appointment with yourself for 20 minutes at a park bench, in a courtyard, away from interruptions. By increasing the time you take at enjoying your meal, in good company, or by yourself, your digestive system is fully engaged and better able to absorb the nutrients in your meal. This sends messages to your brain, making you more content and ready to get back to your next meeting (engagement), in a more relaxed state.

Take a breath of fresh air with a walk after your lunch, practice a few new dance moves, or any activity that will energize you. Making better choices helps maintain that ‘feeling good in your body’ sensation.

If you start moving, you will automatically feel better and it can be anytime of day, a first thing in the morning routine, a lunchtime walk through the park, an after work cycle ride back home. Where there is will, there is a way. It is a vital part of a lifestyle shift that is necessary to stay grounded and help you focus at the office or in your relationships.

Foods to keep your cool

So what are some stress-relieving nutrients and in which foods do we find them? The B vitamins are found in dark leafy greens like swiss chard or kale. Both of these can be easily sautéed with a little olive oil, lots of garlic and sprinkled with sea salt as a side dish or add a few lightly beaten eggs and make it your main as a frittata with a side salad. Magnesium relaxes your system and is found in dried seeweeds such as wakame that is fabulous in summer cooling salads, or kombu that can be used in broths and soups. Most chocoholics know that there is value to this food and there is, as it contains a high content of magnesium. Try the dark chocolate or coco nibs that mix wonderfully in a trail mix with nuts, seeds and dried berries making it an optimum choice, as nuts and seeds are also on the magnesium food list. We cannot forget beans, such as black beans which are delicious in a Mexican salad with fresh, corn, red onion, peppers, cilantro and lime. As a treat try a bowl of ‘peel and eat’ edamame sprinkled with sea salt.

No need to stress yourself over absolutely everything you eat all the time, just know that you can learn about foods that give you what you need and just eat them with pleasure.

Relaxation Tools and Techniques

In order to be focused at work or with any project, look for a balance of being focused while staying relaxed. Exercise and nutrition are crucial parts of a stress reduction plan. Practicing relaxation techniques further addresses the impact of your lifstyle stresses. Become aware of what triggers your stress and adopt a form of meditation that best suits you. It can be a meditative walk or a restorative yoga stretch.

When you are ready…

Contact Lucette to start alleviating your stress-related symptoms with a Natural Nutrition Consultation, where you will learn new skills in creating lifestyle changes tailored to meet you and your family’s needs.

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