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Fruits in a Glass


Viata Nutrition offers live workshops about whole foods and eating healthier. Contact Lucette to book a workshop or find out about one already scheduled near you.

Where to Begin: The ABC’s of Healthy Nutrition

You may know that good nutrition is essential to your health, and that your diet affects your energy throughout the day. But did you know that it’s not so difficult to put a healthier eating plan into practice for you and your family?

If you are considering what you could do to make healthier eating choices, this workshop will give you some simple tools to help you spring into action. Despite the wealth of information online and the bounty of books on nutrition and good fats, carbs and proteins, a change to your eating habits might seem a little too much to bite off without guidance.

Learn how to focus on some of the essentials of nutrition and take control of your own health today.

Delicious whole food snacks and recipes are provided.